7C8338B9-25D8-4343-B9E9-1F9272B35BA4So for the last five days I have had Paul Simon singing homeless homeless in my ears. We moved out of our house and have been couch surfing ( if you can call it couch surfing when you get an entire floor in a beautiful house or even an entire beautiful house to live in couch surfing). Phase 1 of our year abroad started in typical fashion for us – Not Quite Ready. We were free of our home but also free of our cars and a pop up trailer to begin our adventure in. Two days ago we hit phase 2 when Chris bought us our truck. It’s giant, white and reeks of smoke. It was a service truck in northern Manitoba – I am already composing a short story of the life of this truck pre us. The kids love it and hopefully by the end of today we will have have  hit phase 3 – the pop up trailer.

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