Becoming Untethered


Untethering ourselves from real life has proven to have many moving parts that keep us scrambling. Along with the usual Murphy’s Laws – leak in the roof four days after the tenant moved into the house and a handyman who has has only been handy at doing things incorrectly – there is everything else and everyday it seems we have more ends left unraveled. Life laundry on an epic scale.

Currently we are at Turning Island or rather the kids and I are enjoying Turning Island with Gran and Chris is madly getting everything else done – back and foring between the city and the island and the town – it’s divide and conquer with one side having a decidedly better/easier time. Although the the threenager is proving to be a special challenge and giving me real head scratching wonder as to how we will get through an entire year of the demands, whining and overall volume 11.

The good news is that we have entered phase 3!! WE HAVE A POPUP TRAILER/HOME! It’s currently having a bike rack welded to it and after some more pairing down of our stuff it will be loaded and ready for a maiden voyage to Lake Huron for one last hurrah with friends.


The face of a boy ready to hit the road……..


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