Last Huron Hurrah

Well we are finally on the road – living in the pop up and I wish I could say we are living the dream but truthfully  the last two days have been the worst. In fact I believe this morning I looked at Chris directly in the eye and said what the FUCK? Maybe it’s just the end of many weeks of prep, moving house, selling vehicles, organizing and organizing and never actually being organized. Certainly popping up the camper at 11pm after an epic 15 hour day of packing, driving and organizing to find that we only had half of our linens didn’t help the stress factor now tipping dangerously into he did she did territory. I definitely feel like I have done nothing right. We are in this beautiful place with wonderful friends who we won’t see for a year but on the verge of total relationship meltdown. So awkward.

On a more chipper note Huron is, as always, incredibly, achingly beautiful. The sunset we glimpsed driving toward our first pop up night was an insanely huge orange globe, the sky streaked with all the pinks and lavenders. Flying by the fields dotted with tiny Amish haystacks, grazing cattle, wind turbines and electric yellow canola. I think it’s canola – kinda looks like what we Albertans call rape seed. It was a drive for the books. I will choose to remember that over the incredibly intense back up park and pop up hours later in the dark.

We woke to a perfect day – soured a bit because of our lack of kettle and coffee but we managed to make it to Glenfeild for a day on the beach with Sara and Justine and families. It was so good to be with two women who I love so much who understand me so well and to be able to let it all out – warts and all. I have my last hugs with those incredible women burned into my mind ( pretty sure I’ll need to draw them up frequently!)  Also so good to be in that beautiful cottage we have had so many perfect days and nights in – I did miss Jen and fam but she was with us in spirit.  Chris had some good times just relaxing for a bit. He has been non stop researching, buying, selling, organizing, Then a perfect late bbq lunch ( Les Louises styles with the OG!) and then back off to the trailer,

Our second day started off as stressful and annoying as ever. One of the reasons we ended up deciding to come to Huron – aside from the fact that I am in love with it – was that we needed to set up the trailer and be able to get things organized – we thought that was going to be able to happen more easily with some friends for the kids for distraction. But the reality was that I was with the kids All the time while Chris was in town trying to get All the things we need to make the camper a home. Leaving me adrift in trailer town (soon to be a blog post).  In the end we have been able to get more organized and packed – and we head over to camp on Musselman lake near Newmarket where we need to get some final work done on Ole Smokey.  And THEN QUEBEC CITY ( I have been waiting my whole life!!)



1 thought on “Last Huron Hurrah

  1. Omg Lady! Tears!!! It’s so bittersweet; the departure. You guys will hit your stride and this will be the adventure of your dreams. Open. Open open… that’s all there is now. When you hit the wall, look for the opening. How I wish I were on your journey – such a gift. Thank you for writing and allowing us to follow along.
    See you in Vietnam 🤞. Love you all, S.


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