Les Îles ont capturé nos coeurs

Safe to say we are love. Slowly sinking into our travel. Jerking towards a rhythm. 

And I did it. I took a kite surfing lesson. I liked it. I didn’t LOVE it but I started to get it. And can I just say – if you HAVE to take a kite surfing lesson please take one from Patrick (Pa treek) from Kites aux Îles. Because the French accent makes learning so much better. He will say – if you do dat den le keet will do poo paff ba la ba ba ba dum. And somehow on the water wearing a head set it makes le perfect sense. Truthfully, he is a wonderful teacher totally understanding my fear and caution and gently leading me, encouraging my tiny successes and cheering me on. So good, in fact, I took a second lesson and even though I regretted immediately that I said yes to a second lesson – I did it anyway and I even improved. Now, I’m not actually up on the board yet but I can drive the kite and body drag. So pretty good. I’m signed up for a third lesson. 

We have been exploring the food on the Island – the artisanal producers – cheese, bread, smoked fish and we have been poking around the many beaches and little towns. 

We have enjoyed the sunsets on beaches and from our little camper. The light remains soft, the skies are the palest lavender during the day melting into peach for the sunsets. The salt has settled onto my skin and hair so everything feels thick even after a shower. 

We gathered rocks and shells and walked a long beach with a huge rock cliff on one end and a red earth cliff topped with a lighthouse on the other. Chris and Anderson spotted a seal. We stopped to eat cheese and baguette from the fromagerie Pieds de vents we had visited up the road. Pieds de vents are the sun beams that stream through the clouds – apparently they announce a wind coming.  The fromagerie had pictures of them everywhere.

Then to leave the rock and shell collection where we found them – it was hard to convince the kids that the  magic of the sunlit glimmer is lost when taken off the beach. The rocks and shells just end up lying around the bathroom reminding me of where I no longer am. 

We stop for dinner at a tiny little shack – it turns out to be all captain high liners frozen battered fish and scallops served with cold peas and sweet creamy coleslaw! Not yummy but the cheese on the poutine was authentic even if the chips were McCains. 

I make dinner with smoked scallops from Fumer D’Antan and sea parsley that the kids gathered. Watching the fabulous couple kitty corner to us with their tear drop trailer, pour gorgeous wine and throw huge steaks onto their bar b que. The man a dead ringer for William Shatner but with less hair on top and an arty pony tail out the back. 

Anderson still hasn’t been able to get a kite lesson as the wind has been too strong. We have decided to extend our time – there are seals to see, a zodiac to take to Île d’Entree, clams to dig, fishing excursion to go on and tomorrow for me a seafood course to take! I’m not totally sure what the course entails – some cooking and eating and a glass of wine but no promise of what exactly we will be cooking and learning about.

 We have fingers crossed there is a slower wind day for Anderson to get a chance with the kite. 

It’s fun to speak French everyday and to watch as Anderson gains confidence with the language and speak to us more regularly. 

All dressed up but no wind to fly

The view from my kitchen

Smoked scallops, broccoli, sel des Îles, olive oil and pasta

Reaching back for Maman

Three people with eyes open

At the end of the Island

Totally over walking ….. Anywhere… Ever again.

We walked all the way to the tip of the Island.

Les suites plongeur

Poutine shenanigans

1 thought on “Les Îles ont capturé nos coeurs

  1. Oh makes me weep – it’s (and you all) are so beautiful. So glad to hear you are finding your groove. What an adventure! Good luck with that kite. Love you!


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